Bankruptcy Law

If you are unable to pay your monthly bills and your debts are mounting, it may be time to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Even if you owe a debt and you are unable to pay, you still have rights. One of your primary rights is the legal option of filing bankruptcy. Depending on your circumstances, other debt relief options may exist.

If I file bankruptcy, will I lose everything?

No! There are a number of exemptions provided by law which protect you from losing your assets. With secured debt like your home or your car, you will still have to make the payments if you wish to keep the item. The decision to file for bankruptcy is a difficult one, often considered the worst case scenario. However, in many instances it may be your best option. For example, filing for Bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure, repossession, or garnishment, allowing you some precious time to deal with your financial troubles. You may also be able to eliminate many types of your debt, develop a payment schedule to ease your financial burden. In addition, I may be able to negotiate loan modifications with mortgage lenders in conjunction with a bankruptcy.

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